The Process is Smart, Easy and Effortless!

  1. Book an appointment with us on our website, or visit directly to our office.
  2. Bring your vehicle on the scheduled date/time and our experts will inspect the car physically.
  3. We will provide a non-obligation quote for your car, based on the physical condition and the market price.
  4. If you are happy with the price, feel free to accept our offer, and we will start the selling process.
  5. In just 30 minutes, you will receive cash, bank transfer or cheque, based on your choice!

Why Sell Car With Expat Car Buyers?

Selling a car in Dubai is not easy. Are you wasting money on classified ads but can't find the right car buyer? Wasting a lot of time dealing with non-serious buyers? Do you wish you could cash your car while saving your valuable time? While there are a number of platforms offering online car selling services, no one wants to pick any platform and enter into a blind selling process. You want to sell your car at a good price, not at a price you're not comfortable with! Moreover people like to buy cars of specific brands. What if your car does not belong to any of those brands? Say goodbye to all these issues when you utilize our services.

  • While others try to price your car so low, we’ll pay you what your car is worth!
  • We want your car no matter how it looks, sounds, or drives.
  • Financed cars? We clear outstanding finance on cars and pay difference to customers.

You’ll get more money from us than you will anywhere else in the market, and you won’t even have to waste your day trying to get rid of your vehicle. We cash any car. We make Dubai car selling super-simple! Get Started Today!



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